Copy of Snippet "Phone Only Notes"

:Who did you speak to? {formparagraph}

;Last CP outreach {formmenu: Last 3 Months; default=Last 6 Months; Within Last Year}

;Does the CX has a previous CP case? {formmenu: Not Interested; default=Closed - Not Fulfilled; No Previous Case; Other}

;Do they want zero email comms, or all comms? {formmenu: No Phone; default=No Email; No Outreach}

;General call notes: {formparagraph}

;Do they mention opting out of all comms? {formmenu: Yes; default=No}

;Customer sentiment: {formmenu: Agitated; default=Calm; Friendly/Open; No Response/Hung Up; Upset about DNC; multiple=yes}