Copy of Snippet "Platform PM Interview Prep"

​Hey [m_applicant_first_name]!
While the coordination team is confirming your interviews, I wanted to send over some prep material about what to expect in the upcoming interviews!
Each session will be 45 minutes in length and a 1:1 video conversation. These are very conversational in nature, and there will be a healthy back and forth between you and the interviewers. You will find that there is a blank Google doc in your calendar invite. This is just to have a visual aid available between you and the interviewers. If you prefer pen/sharpie and paper, please feel free to use whatever you are most comfortable with!
Here are some additional details about each interview:
Platform Strategy and Growth
This is a case study style interview that will involve a high level hypothetical scenario/situation framed for Square but will be applicable to any other software product company. We want to see how you articulate a clear platform strategy that powers other products/solutions. We want to understand how you go beyond tactical thinking, deal with ambiguity, see the big picture, think boldly, and create a framework for a compelling and inspirational strategy. Can you envision and articulate how this strategy helps and fits into overall company strategy? Framework is key. 
Analytical: this interview will encompass multiple questions to assess your creative use of metrics. This section will focus on how you approach problems focusing on metrics and quantitative reasoning. The interviewer will evaluate logical reasoning and your understanding of metrics. We want to know - How are you data driven? How do you use data to course correct or confirm your directions to assumptions? What variables do you consider? If you have enough data, can you solve for LTV or ROI ( there may be some light math involved). This round will also involve a high level hypothetical situation/aspiration that you'll work through with the interviewer, similar to the strategy round, leveraging your creative thinking around use of metrics.
Technical Design / API strategy
This is to assess the depth of your knowledge around platform and API design. Do you understand basic concepts of good API design? Could you write product requirements for APIs and platform work? The interviewer will dive into the value of platforms and what they provide to different products using it. Similarly around an ecosystem of APIs- by using multiple APIs from us, why is that more valuable than the sum of value of individual APIs? Be prepared to go into depth and talk through low-level details 
Technical Acumen and Execution 
This is technical deep dive with your engineering counterpart and the main goals are to ensure you have:

  • A reasonable understanding of the platform architecture from a past initiative that your team built
  • Strong presence to evangelize platform and product work in Engineering-Centric teams. As well as work with technical stakeholders and drive influence
  • Ability to challenge technical decisions and bring solutions to the table. Not just stay at “what” but participate also in the “how”.
Technical Acumen and Execution and the Technical Design API/Platform will both be more behavioral driven to learn more about your interactions with technical stakeholders and to assess your understanding of the platforms/APIs that your team has built. 
Lastly, there will be a 30 minute conversation with HIRING MANAGER to align on what you learned during the conversations and to answer any questions you have about the role.
All interviewers will leave time at the end of their 45 minutes for your questions about the company, culture, team and projects etc. Be prepared to ask whatever questions you need to help make the best decision for yourself about the role - this is as much of you assessing us as we will be assessing you! All of your interviewers will be PMs in your direct team or close cross-functional partners.
If you have any questions about the below, I'm happy to clarify/ dig into any of these areas for you on our call! Talk to you soon!