Copy of Snippet "Recruiter screen template"

Set an agenda for the call

  1. Questions related to their career
  2. What are they looking for
  3. Talk about the role and ask role-specific questions
  4. Comp Expectations
  5. Candidate thoughts on what was shared
  6. Next Steps
Intro Questions:
  1. Tell me your story
    1. Let the candidate guide you through their background
    2. Talk through transitions between roles. Why did they leave recent companies/jobs?
    3. Listen for examples of ambition, drive, overcoming obstacles, etc
  2. Why are you looking for a new role (candidates who applied) OR Why are you open to a new opportunity (passive candidates)
    1. Be on the lookout for red flags and motivators
  3. What are the three most important things you want with your next role?
    1. Understand their motivations and see if those are generally aligned with our values or not
  4. Work authorization and confirming they can work full time
    1. Always ask if they will require any kind of work authorization and/or sponsorship. Understand their current situation as a whole. Unpacking what they expect their workflow to look like and what they need to support that

The Role Itself & Role Specific Questions:
  1. Role-specific questions
    1. Sync with the HM prior to the call
    2. Ask 1-2 crucial, role-specific questions related to the position (ideally questions that came from HM or Pouyan)
    3. If the candidate’s answers do not align with ours, we quickly end the call

  1. Ask candidates what questions they have, if anything (related to the role)

Comp Expectations:
  1. Ask the candidate what they are looking for in terms of base salary and/or OTE
    1. Know our comp numbers ahead of time
      1. We have flexibility for the right candidate
    2. NEVER ask them what they are currently making
    3. If the candidate flips it back and asks for a range, you can be transparent about the comp package.
      1. Equity component as well
      2. Flexible PTO
      3. Working on getting a 401k
      4. Incredible Health Insurance Plans
Next Steps:
  1. If the candidate is a good fit based on your conversation:
    1. Tell them you would like to move them forward to the next step, a zoom call with the HM.
    2. Get their availability while you have them on the phone
    3. Explain the remaining steps and timeline after the HM Screen
  2. If you are unsure about the candidate and want to submit them to the HM first:
    1. Tell them that the next step is to send over their resume and your notes to the HM, and that you hope to have feedback in 24 hours or less.
    2. Explain the remaining steps and timeline
  3. Ask/find out where they are in relation to other job interviews