Copy of Snippet "resubmit note "

04/18/19 Re-Submit appeal 

Here's a quick trick to make this snippet more practical:

{note}This text will not show up. I want to re-submit the appeal in {formtext: name=number_of_days; width=4; default=5} days from now{endnote}
{time: MM/DD/YY; shift={=shft}} Re-Submit appeal {note}<<<This is what will show up{endnote}

So basically, the snippet is taking today's date, asking you to enter in how many days you want to re-submit the appeal, and then adding that number of days to today's date to give you the deadline.

You can change the default value too in the part where it says:

So if your default number of days is 10, just change that 5 to a 10. And of course, since it's a fillable form, you can decide to change the value for specific cases when you're not using the default :slight_smile: