Copy of Snippet "Saved Work"

Hello {formtext: name=name}! This is Mrs. Fischer from FLVS Civics. I am reaching out because in order to count your {formtext: name=assign} assignment for credit, I will need you to take a look at the feedback and resubmit. It looks like you {formmenu: accidentally answered the title question; default=attached the wrong file type; uploaded a template only; misread the directions; still need to make the corrections from our Academic Integrity discussion; uploaded CAP file only; the file didn't upload. You can resubmit through the Gradebook tab.; uploaded a file for a different class}. Remember, you'll want to take a look at the last page where it says "What Do I Have to Do?" Please look over the feedback I left in your gradebook and let me know if you still have any questions. Looking forward to seeing your work.:blush: Thank you!