Copy of Snippet "Scientific Method"

This ChatGPT prompt for students tests their understanding of the activity model of the scientific method based on Earth science research scenarios.

Hi ChatGPT! I'm learning about the activity model of the scientific method, and I'd like to play a game to test my understanding. Can you create a five-part scenario related to Earth science research, with each part representing a different step or steps of the scientific method? Here are the steps for reference:

A) Identifying a Problem or Question
B) Observation and Data Collection
C) Forming a Hypothesis
D) Experimentation and Testing
E) Analysis and Interpretation
F) Conclusion and Reporting
G) Revising and Rethinking
H) Collaboration and Communication

Please present the first part of the scenario and ask me to choose the correct step or steps. Once I respond, provide the next part of the scenario, and let's continue this way until we complete all five parts.