Copy of Snippet "Sig Acct GT Close Notes"

Line Item Name: 
Customer Order Number: 
Platform: GroundTruth
Retail budget: 
Impression count: 
Net CPM: 
Ad type (display, video, OTT):
Placement: (Mobile App, Mobile Web, etc.)
Creative (list file names that are live):

Creative Weighing/Scheduling is correct (if requested): 
Destination URL:

Confirm no spaces in URL? 
Confirm URL tested and valid?

Are creatives named same as file-name?: 
Set drive-to destination for any ad group with a landing page?: 
Confirm targeting all devices (including mobile web manually checked)?: 
Optimization strategy is delivery? (this should ALWAYS be set to delivery, regardless of what is in the OLI): 
Confirm custom landing page details if applied: 
Conversion Tracking applied (cross check from OLI)?

Synced to UP?: 
Goal Margin: 
Line Item naming QA’d: 
Ad Group naming QA’d: