Copy of Snippet "Sig Acct Xandr Close Notes"

Line Item Name: 
Net budget: 
Impression Total (OLI): 
Impression Buffer Total (Xandr, confirm calculation): 
Confirm "Set Budget" is selected: 
Net CPM: 
Ad type: 
Creative (list file names that are live):

Destination URL:

Confirm no spaces in URL? 
Confirm URL tested and valid? Y
Confirm if Splits are applied & why? 
Confirm Trafficker Field Filled in? 
Confirm 1 day creative audit is applied? 
Confirm audit options if bulk-upload creative/creative tags through excel? 
Conversion Tracking applied (cross check from OLI)?
Conversion Tracking Names of added:

Cross Device? 
Confirm IO and LI impression goals are matched, 
or totaled the IO to include all LIs? (Y/N)

Synced to UP?: 
Line Item naming QA’d: 
If settings do not match our default setup, confirm optimizations have been made:

For OTT Flex:
Confirm all devices enabled: 
Confirm Completion Rate Threshold set to 90%: 
Confirm NO day-parting applied:

For All OTT:
Confirm recency set to 1 per every 10 min: 
Confirm Pluto Publisher has been de-prioritized using splits: 
Confirm Spanish deals are not applied if not intentional: