Copy of Snippet "SWE Tech Screen"

Hi <Candidate Name>,

It was great chatting with you today. If anything else comes up, please don't hesitate to email me. In the meantime, I've included additional information on how to prepare for our technical phone interview.

We'll write and run code in a collaborative plain text editor, or IDE called CoderPad. You can try it for free if you want to get comfortable ahead of your interview. We'll present a question, and you'll have about an hour to come to a workable solution. The questions are rooted in both algorithms and real-world production.

A few more tips:

  1. Write small, simple things that work, and build up to more complex things that also work. This will provide you more time to debug as you go along, rather than just at the end. Our problems have multiple steps that increase in complexity. 
  2. Be sure to check out for a live paired programming session. Brush up on computer science fundamentals: Sample topics include standard data structures, graph algorithms, big O notation, testing, code organization, leveraging OO fundamentals, functional programming, parsing. Check out the following sites for practice coding questions: HackerRank, Interview Cake, Pramp, LeetCode, CodeEval, Topcoder. 
  3. Take into consideration the time constraints on solving the problem. Speak up about trade-offs you are making, things that you would write differently. You should also feel free to ask your interviewer for guidance on approaches.
  4. Be communicative. We want to know how you approach problem-solving. Please walk us through what your assumptions are and the solutions that you are choosing. The interviewer will want to know why you are making your decisions and approaching the problem.
Additionally, if you'd like to learn more about Square's leveling structure, here's a great 6-minute read. Be sure to check out the leveling sheet listed in the middle of the article as well. 

Let me know if you have any questions before the interview! Would you please share 3-4 dates and times that work well for you? I'll reach out afterward to discuss feedback and the next steps.

Talk to you soon,