Copy of Snippet "Test Demo Checklist"

{note}Pre-Call Prep{endnote}

Is the customer located in the US? {formtoggle: default=no}{endformtoggle}

Is the Customer LawPay Enabled? {formtoggle: default=no}{endformtoggle}
{note}Check status in ‘Clio Payments Enabled’ Field {endnote}

Has the Customer processed a payment through Clio Payments? {formtoggle: default=no}{endformtoggle}
{note}Check status in ‘Clio Payments Processed’ Field{endnote}

Are there any payments in 'Authorized'? {formtoggle: default=no}{endformtoggle}

Does the customer have Grow? {formtoggle: default=no}{endformtoggle}
{note}Check subscription description{endnote}

Does the customer have any stored payment methods? {formtoggle: default=no}{endformtoggle}
{note}Check the Card Table{endnote}

Does the customer have any payment plans? {formtoggle: default=no}{endformtoggle}
{note}Copy Clio Account ID into filters section of Log in{endnote}


What is their current billing workflow? 
{formparagraph: name=(How do you bill and accept payments at this time?)}

Do they do transactions outside of Clio? {formtoggle: default=no}{endformtoggle}
{note}ACH or payment plans through LawPay?{endnote}
{formparagraph: name=(What will they need to recapture after the migration to Clio Payments?)}

What do they know/what would they like to learn about Clio Payments?
{note}How can I best help today?{endnote}


{note}Clio Payments rate and fee structure as they compare to LawPay {endnote}

Sending a bill to a client 
{note}Client workflow:

  • The email they receive when a bill is shared with them
  • Paying using the link in the email via credit card or eCheck{endnote}

What is Plaid*  
{formparagraph: name=(Feedback)}

Storing payment info for future billing* 
{formparagraph: name=(Feedback)}

Payment Plans upgrades

Refunds, Voids, Challenges and Chargebacks
{note}No longer able to refund from Trust to original payment method{endnote}

Deposits net of fees* 
{formparagraph: name=(1.  Current process of the attorney’s /accountants 2. Why the changes that make each payment net in their bank account creates confusion 3. What they would need to do now which is different)}

New reports

{note}Before Migrating{endnote}

Does the customer have a payment link listed on their website?  {formtoggle: default=no}{endformtoggle}
Does the customer have any outstanding bills?{formtoggle: default=no}{endformtoggle}

Additional Notes
{formtext: name=(Anything else of relevance?)}