Copy of Snippet "Third Grade Scores "

Sample 3rd grade webmail share

To the Caretakers of {formtext: name=Student First Name}{formtext: name=Student Last Name}

I wanted to send a follow-up letting you know of {formtext: name=Student First Name} beginning of the year benchmark results.

STAR Math: {formtext: name=Math Percentile Score} percentile rank

STAR Reading: {formtext: name=Reading Percentile score} percentile rank

STAR Oral Reading Fluency (ORF): {formtext: name=ORF Words Per Minute} correct words per minute.

Hi Kellene! That seems to be a great snippet for informing your student's parents about their progress. I did see a couple of things that I could offer suggestions on. I changed your snippet just a little to add a space in between the first and last name and changed your second First Name text form into a variable with 's after it. You can look at it here. Copy of Snippet "Third Grade Scores"