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Discussed plan of care: to achieve 10% TBWL or more if medically appropriate, maintain for 3 months, and then wean off GLP-1 while leaning heavily into lifestyle changes, coaching, and program engagement in order to ensure long-term success. Metformin to be continued if medically appropriate at that time.

Labs reviewed and discussed in detail with member during the appointment today in addition to new diagnoses of {formmenu: default=hyperlipidema; pre-diabetes; diabetes; hypertension; NAFLD; elevated fasting blood sugar\ ; elevated high sensitivity CRP; insulin resistance\ ; name=; multiple=yes} based on laboratory results. Counseled member to follow-up with PCP for further evaluation and management of these newly diagnosed conditions. They will also follow up with their PCP for management of known chronic diseases including {formmenu: Hyperlipidemia; default=Hypertension\ ; NAFLD/NASH; CAD; T2DM; PCOS}.

{formtoggle: name=PCP needed; default=no} Stressed importance of establishment of care with PCP for overall healthcare maintenance and to discuss above lab abnormalities {endformtoggle}
{formtoggle: name=OSA; default=no}Counseled member to followup with PCP for further discussion of OSA screening and evaluation given history of snoring. {endformtoggle}
{formtoggle: name=BP; default=no} Counseled member to followup with PCP for further management and treatment of elevated BP noted during intake assessment.{endformtoggle}
{formtoggle: name=Preconception Counseling; default=no}Discussed risks associated with GLP-1 therapy in pregnancy. Member is not actively trying to get pregnant or has plans to be pregnant in the next year. Recommend stopping GLP-1 therapy at least 2 months prior to getting pregnant and to stop therapy to alert Medical team immediately should they become pregnant. {endformtoggle}
{formtoggle: name=High ETOH use\ ; default=no}Discussed concerns regarding member's high alcohol consumption. Discussed that high alcohol consumption will impede their results and over 7 drinks per week increases risk for pancreatitis. The member is willing to cut back their alcohol use during the duration of this program. {endformtoggle}
{formtoggle: default=yes}Discussed importance of blood sugar monitoring if member is currently on, or starts, other diabetes medications. Discussed importance of yearly diabetes eye exam and the risk of possible progression of diabetic retinopathy associated with GLP-1 therapy. {endformtoggle}

Counseled member to notify us via the Medical Channel if any new medications are started or any changes in medical history occur during program participation with Calibrate.