Copy of Snippet "V23 1.04 Help Text"

Use the template on the last page of the lesson to help you get started. You can decide to complete either Option A) make or take a picture and include a description for your picture OR Option B) write an email to an ecological advocate about an issue in your area.
Be sure to include the following: 
1) What is the ecological issue you selected? Ideas from the lesson include: beach erosion, endangered species, climate change, oil spill (review lesson page 3), waste management, energy resources, air pollution, water pollution (review lesson page 4), or endangered species (review lesson page 5)
2) How is this issue an ecological issue? (review lesson page 2) 
3) How does it relate to conservation? (review lesson page 6) 
4) Why is this a problem for your local area? (review pages 3-5, research online, or speak with a trusted adult) 
5) What can citizens do to help? (review lesson page 6)