Copy of Snippet "V23 1.07 Help Text"

Use the template on the last page of the lesson to help you get started. Then, complete the following steps: 
-Describe the issue in your area that needs addressing. See Lesson Pages 1-3 for Ideas (Children in need of help with schoolwork, People in need of clothing or household items, People in need of food, Animals at a shelter in need of care or supplies, Baby turtles who need safe hatching and access to the ocean, Littering, Polluted waterways, etc.)
-Explain two ways how you could help this issue directly, indirectly, and through advocacy. See Lesson Page 2 for help. (Direct: Interacting directly with the person or people you are helping; Indirect: Helping people without directly meeting with them, Advocacy: Expressing ways to help through speech and writing)
-Answer the reflection questions with at least two quality sentences of your own thoughts: What goal would you hope to achieve through service? How do you feel you could contribute most effectively to the issue: directly, indirectly, or through advocacy? Explain why.