Copy of Snippet "Welcome Letter"

Welcome Letter

Welcome to your Civics course!
My name is Mr. Baer and I will be your online instructor.

I am so excited that we will be taking this adventure together and I can’t wait to speak to you.

Let’s get you started in your course ASAP! I will be calling you this week to complete your welcome call or if you would like to set up a specific time this week, please call or text me back at 904-770-5924. You can also use the scheduler here {import: /SCH} 

The great news is you are currently able to begin working in the course today! Completing the welcome call is important because it lets me know you are still interested in the course. I am attaching a helpful video link of the Civics course that includes how to navigate the Civics course for your convenience. 

I look forward to getting to know you and your parent during our welcome call this week! 

Civics Course Video Link


Mr. Baer
Hours of availability M-F: 8am-8pm

To help us best support your learning experience with FLVS, please share the following documents with us as soon as possible if applicable; 
IEP or 504 plans- 
ESOL Documentation-

If you approve of your child being called a name other than your child’s legal first name, then please complete and sign the form located in the link below and email it to The form must be completed and signed by a parent/guardian that is listed on the student’s FLVS account.

FLVS Flex Consent Form to Deviate from Student Legal Name