Create campaign parameters for tracking URLs with one click

A snippet for super-fast creation of multiple social media posts with their own, unique tracking URL parameters and hashtags.

Setup Instructions:

  1. Copy this snippet to your Text Blaze dashboard by clicking the "Copy to Text Blaze" button in the top right of this window
  2. Give it a label and shortcut
  3. Modify the snippet according to the instructions inside

Using the snippet:

  1. Write a social media post anywhere on your computer
  2. Copy the post to your clipboard
  3. Go to the social media platform where you want to post it, and write your shortcut to insert the snippet.


{note}Change the URL and campaign name below:{endnote: trim=right}
Text Blaze Community
{if: {site:domain}==""; trim=left}facebook

#textblaze #snippets_of_facebook {note: trim=left} << Hashtags for Facebook{endnote}
{elseif: {site:domain}==""}twitter

#textblaze #snippets_of_twitter {note: trim=left} << Hashtags for Twitter{endnote}
{elseif: {site:domain}==""}linkedin

#textblaze #snippets_of_linkedin {note: trim=left} << Hashtags for LinkedIn{endnote}