Create Variable with Links inside

Hello everyone,
I have nummer: 1234567890 its a tracking nummber.
I would like to generate a Link, BUT it should be a clickable Link, out of it:
This i would like to save in a variable, so it could be reused.

Is this possible?

Hi @Dmitrij_Moreinis,

Try this:

{formtext: name=number; default=1234567890}
{link: {=baselink}{=number}}Link{endlink}

In the formtext, you could replace

This would allow you to copy the number from elsewhere and have it populate automatically thanks to the {clipboard} command.

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Working Solution:

Ihr Sendungsnummer ist {formtext: name=number; default={clipboard}}
Den Sendungsstatus können Sie unter diesem Link sehen:

{link: {=concat("",number)}}

@Dmitrij_Moreinis both of our solutions are good. The problem is that the forum is automatically changing the URL to the title of the page, which is messing up our dynamic previews :-/

UPDATED: I've fixed the issue by putting the URLs in backticks to treat them as code.

Thank you for the update!

Welcome. I've fixed the URL issue by putting them in backticks.