Creating "links" within a extractregex text string

Hi @scott ,

I was wondering how to create "links" within a specified text string. For example, this "{=extractregex({site: text}, "ABC\n([\s\S]+)\nXYZ")}" captures everything between ABC and XYZ . I want to be able to convert anything containing a URL into a clickable "link". It is a combination of regular text and URLs.


You can use the {link} command to create a link with content from a formula:

I think what you want though (linkifying an arbitrary block of text with multiple links in it) isn't really feasible at the moment.

If we added a formula function to split a string by a regex then I think it would become possible. You could split by a URL-matching regex, then use {repeat} to iterate over each piece converting the URLs to links and leaving the plain text pieces as is.

I think that makes sense to add, so it should be possible in the future.