Cursor misplaced

Suddenly the cursor is showing up near the signature rather than at the top of the email, where I placed the prompt. Deleting and rebuilding the snippet didn't alleviate the problem.

This is happening on some but not all the snippets.


Hi @Glen_D , welcome to the forum! Which website are you using the snippet on? If possible, can you share the snippet as well?

Thanks, Gaurang.

The snippet is going into Gmail.

Here's the snippet. The cursor should appear in the greeting after "Hi ", but it appears in the line above the send off "Thank you for your patience...". It's happening with a few snippets, not all.


Thank you for checking in.

Your watch is in the repair pipleline and we'll move it into the watchmaker's workshop as soon as possible. We have an up-to twelve week turnaround time from the date of approval (). While I cannot give a precise ETA, you should expect it to be not less than four weeks from now.

I know that's a long time. We're dealing with an erratic supply chain and we're still working on recovering our own process. The repair workmanship is still the same high quality, though. I hope that will make the long turnaround time worthwhile.

We'll do our best to move your watch forward soon. Meanwhile, please feel free to contact us for an update anytime.

Thank you for your patience and for your confidence,

Customer Service

Thanks for your quick response. I am not able to reproduce the same issue. This is the snippet I am using:

Are you facing the issue in it? If not, can you share with me the exact snippet? (by putting the snippet in a folder and sharing the folder with me at You can duplicate the snippet by right clicking on it and selecting "Duplicate".


I was able to reproduce the issue. It seems to happen when you have links or bold text, and at least of the lines contains a trailing space character.

I will fix this asap and let you know when it's fixed. Thanks for the bug report!

Fantastic, thank you!

We got a similar bug report from another user. They had earlier copied some text from a website into their snippet resulting in mixed text formatting in the snippet. They were able to fix the issue by retyping the snippet contents.

Can you select your snippet text, and press the Tx button to remove formatting from your entire snippet? It's the rightmost button in the toolbar

Let me know if that fixes the cursor positioning.

Guarang, thanks, that did take care of the cursor positioning. However, I don't want to be limited to using unformatted text. As this is a very new issue - TB has worked perfectly for me up until now - is there going to be a complete fix for that?

Thanks again for addressing it so quickly.

Yes there should be a complete fix asap. The issue is not with formatted text, but formatted text copied from other websites. As long as you bold/italics/links from within our snippet editor, cursor positioning should still work. Let me know if it doesn't.

Just tried this, but the cursor placement doesn't work in Gmail.