Cursor placement and hightlighting text for quick edit

Hi Text Blaze,
In the snippet example below, when the second option is selected for a recall procedure (Gastroscopy in this example) an automatic date is generated a n months in the future. The default number of months (being the most commonly utilized is 12. However, often it could be 6 or 18 or 24 or 36 or 60 or 120 etc etc.
I would like that the number 12 be highlighted when the second option (Recall Gastroscopy) is selected so that I can simply type a number if required rather than having to use my mouse to place the cursor in the text box and highlight the default 12. I tried {cursor} but it doesn't work inside a formula or formmenu. Below is the snippet.
Thanks in advance.

{if: not Recall_Gastroscopy}{formtoggle: name=No_Recall_Gastroscopy; default=yes}Patient does not require a follow-up or recall Gastroscopy.{endformtoggle}{endif}{if: No_Recall_Gastroscopy}
{else}{note: insert=no; preview=yes}
{endnote}{endif}{formtoggle: name=Recall_Gastroscopy}Patient will require a follow-up or recall Gastroscopy in: {formtext: name=Gast_recall_months; default=12; cols=3} months -> {time: DD-MMM-YYYY; shift={=Gast_recall_months}M}{endformtoggle}{if: No_Recall_Gastroscopy or Recall_Gastroscopy}{endif}{if: Recall_Gastroscopy}
{else}{note: insert=no; preview=yes}

Hi @George_Marinos,

Unfortunately that is not possible. To avoid using mouse try pressing tab key after clicking on checkbox (when selecting the second option), that should focus the input element with the 12 number in it.

That works.