Customizable Gmail email template for response to demo request

Gmail email template for response to demo request.
REQUIRED: Gmail Command Pack

  • Auto-insert recipient's name from Gmail
  • Changes greeting to morning/afternoon/evening based on time of day
  • Customizable text fields
  • Date field for proposed meeting day
  • Drop-down menus to select alternative dates
  • Salutation changes to new year greeting during last & first week of the year

{note: preview=no}
{links=["Zoom meeting"="<your zoom Meeting link>", "Google Meet call"="<your Google Meet link>", "Other platform"="<other platform link>"]}
{endnote: trim=right}

Good {if: {time: HH} <= 12}morning{elseif: {time: HH} > 12 AND {time:HH} < 17}afternoon{elseif: {time: HH} >= 17}evening{endif} {gmail-firstname: type=single; default=to you},

I hope this email finds you well.

With regards to your request for a {formtext: name=product} demo for your {formmenu: default=team; organization; company}, would you be available on {formdate: YYYY-MM-DD; formatter=(d) -> {time: dddd, MMMM Do; at={=d}}} at {formtext: name=time}?

If that's not convenient for you, I'm also available on {formmenu: multiple=yes; default=Monday; Tuesday; Wednesday; Thursday; Friday; formatter=(items) -> join(items, "BLAZE_AND")} (same time).

Kindly confirm.

Here's the link to the {formmenu: name=linkchoice; values={=keys(links)}}:
{link: http://{=links[linkchoice]}}{=links[linkchoice]}
{formtoggle: default=yes}You may also reach me on {formtext: name=messaging_service}. My ID is {formtext: name=messaging_service_id}{endformtoggle}

{if: ({time: M} == 12 AND {time: D} >=25) OR ({time: M} == 1 AND {time: D} <= 7)}Best wishes for the new year!{else}Best regards,{endif}

<Your name>
<Your designation>
<Other details>