Data Blaze Table Row Insertion

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{mathtest="Math Skills Test Required!

Test Scores & Outcomes:
70+: Applicant will be admitted into the degree program
30-69: Applicant will be placed in the mandatory preparatory math course(s)
0-29: Applicant will not be admitted into the program

Advanced Programming and Math Assessment:
70+: Applicant will be admitted into the degree program
0-69: Applicant will not be admitted into the program
{dcbspd="** DCBS: Bob Truett (student to email"}
{transcriptsyes=" - Student must email a copy of transcript to"}
{mastersyes=" - Student must send email to Email to include Student Name, Student Number and that they are a Masters Student interested in a COE. Coty will let the student know if a resume and letter of intent will be necessary for PD review."}
{subvayes=" - VA"}
{subintyes=" - International"}
{subschedadj=" - Schedule Adjustment"}
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Let's Build A COE Request Case!

{import: |programcodefilter2}

The requested Program Code is: {import: |programcodeselector2}

Is Requested Program one of the following? Computer Science. Game Development. Mobile Development. Simulation & Visualization. {formmenu: default=; No; Yes; name=mathprogram}
{if: mathprogram == "Yes"}{=mathtest}{endif}
Is Requested Program Digital Cinematography? {formmenu: default=; No; Yes; name=pdconvoreqprogs}{if: pdconvoreqprogs == "Yes"; trim=left} Has student spoken with PD? {formmenu: default=; No; Yes; name=pdconvostatus; trim=right}{endif}{if: pdconvostatus == "No"}

Program Change Reason: {formparagraph: name=reason; rows=1; cols=50}

Current SAP Status: {formmenu: default=; Unknown; Not Calculated; SAP Met; SAP Not Met 1; SAP Not Met 2; RFD; name=sapstatus}

COE Start Date/Next Semester Date: {formtext: name=termcode; default=; cols=10}

Schedule Adjustment Needed: {formmenu: default=; No; Yes; Completed; name=scheduleadjustment}

First COE?: {formmenu: default=; No; Yes; name=firstcoe}

Enough credits for Cert of AS: {formmenu: default=; No; Yes; Unsure; name=credits}

VA Student?: {formmenu: default=; No; Yes; name=vastudent}

International Student?: {formmenu: default=; No; Yes; name=internationalstudent}

Transcripts to review for new program?: {formmenu: default=; No; Yes; name=transcripts}{if: transcripts == "Yes"}{=transcriptsyes}{endif}

Is student a Master's level student?: {formmenu: default=; No; Yes; name=masters}{if: masters == "Yes"}{=mastersyes}{endif}

Preferred Contact Method: {formmenu: default=; Email; Call; name=contactmethod}
{endnote: trim=no}
{note: insert=yes; preview=yes}
COE {=termcode}{if: vastudent == "Yes"}{=subvayes}{endif}{if: internationalstudent == "Yes"}{=subintyes}{endif}{if: {=scheduleadjustment}=="Yes"}{=subschedadj}{endif}{note: insert=yes; preview=no}{wait: delay=+.1s}{key: tab; trim=yes}{wait: delay=+.1s; trim=right}{endnote}

  1. Requested Program, Platform & Format: {import: |programcodeselector2}
  2. Program Change Reason: {=reason}
  3. Current SAP Status: {=sapstatus}
  4. COE Start Date/Next Semester Date: {=termcode}
  5. Schedule Adjustment Needed: {=scheduleadjustment}
  6. First COE: {=firstcoe}
  7. Math Skills Test Required?: {=mathprogram}
  8. Enough credits for Cert or AS?: {=credits}
  9. VA Student?: {=vastudent}
  10. International Student?: {=internationalstudent}
  11. PD Convo Status: {if: pdconvoreqprogs == "No"}Not Needed{endif}{if: pdconvostatus == "No"}Student must speak with PD before a COE can be approved.
    {=dcbspd}{endif}{if: pdconvostatus == "Yes"}Student and PD have spoken{endif}
  12. Transcripts to review for new program?: {=transcripts}{if: transcripts == "Yes"}{=transcriptsyes}{endif}
  13. Is student a Master's level student?: {=masters}{if: masters == "Yes"}{=mastersyes}{endif}
  14. Preferred Contact Method: {=contactmethod}

{if: mathprogram == "Yes"}{=mathtest}{endif}
{endnote: trim=left}
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