Datablaze - linking cells in different tables

How do I link datablaze tables so that one cell in one table populates from another cell in another table based on a common field such as an email address?

Hi @Kenneth_Henson! Welcome to the forum,

You will need to link two tables together by creating field with Link to table field type. If you just want to replicate value of a cell, then you can use field with Lookup field type together with the Link to table field. You can find more information here.

I understand that part, but the data in my first table is going to change daily. The data in the second table is not. So if it is linked by row, the lookup data is not going to be correct. Does that make sense? I need to look up data based on a common field in the two tables. Not just row by row. The only way it works now is for both tables to have the same number of rows and the same person in each row in both tables.

@Kenneth_Henson the way that you first described it in your reply is how it works. When you set up the link field, you indicate "the row in this table is linked to this row in this other table". Then the lookup fields are able to retrieve other data from that row.

In this example below, I have "Name" in my first table. In my second table, I have "assigned ID" and "favorite dessert".

I linked the two tables by the "assigned ID" field, then I pull in the "favorite dessert" based on that linking. (e.g. any "Name" linked to the ID "123" will have a "favorite dessert" of "pie")

Note that the linking is done manually -- even if the two tables both had columns that shared identical values, you'd have to map the linking for each row. My example has the rows linked in the same order as they appear in both sheets, but the order is irrelevant.