Date selector with dynamic start date in future

I am working on a calculation that I want the date selector to have a shift from the current date to 60 days in advance. Right now I can select a default start date, but that isn't dynamically changing based on today's date.

Is this something I can accomplish currently? I read through some previous posts, but not sure they satisfy what I'm trying to do.


Hey Stephanie,

Great question, this is a great use of Text Blaze.

For the date selector, we'll need to do 2 things to make this work:

  1. for the start time, we're going to nest in a {time} command that is shifted out 60 days. This will always be dynamically populated, so it'll always set the start time to be 60 days out.

  2. we'll also need to tell the date picker that it's default is 60 days out as well. Otherwise, it'll still default to today's date (even though that's not in the start range). We'll do that with the exact same {time} command set to a +60D shift

Here's what that looks like:

{formdate: YYYY-MM-DD; default={time: YYYY-MM-DD; shift=+60D}; start={time: YYYY-MM-DD; shift=+60D}}

This will result in the output date being formatted in the YYYY-MM-DD format. If you want that to be formatted a different way, change the example snippet to use the formatting of your choice only where it says formdate: YYYY-MM-DD, don't change it in the other spots. Here's a list of the date formatting options


I knew it would be possible, but my brain is non-functional today so sometimes asking is easier than trial and error. I was trying the shift function in there, but probably not in the right spot.

Much appreciated!!!