Does Text Blaze work in Google Docs?

When I right-click in a Google Doc I can't see the Text-Blaze option. Is there a trick to get it working in Google Docs? I also can't get it to work in Salesforce. Does anyone know how to get it working?

Yes, Text Blaze works in Google Docs. However, Google Docs overrides the regular Chrome context menu so Text Blaze won't show in the context menu when you right-click.

You can trigger in Text Blaze in Google Docs by typing the snippet shortcut or opening the Text Blaze assistant by clicking the Text Blaze icon next to the Chrome URL bar.

Text Blaze work in Salesforce. If you are having trouble with a specific text field there please post a screenshot of the page where the field is and we'll look into it (or email us at if the screenshot has sensitive information you don't want to post here).