Double CR in snippets when inserting

Noticed weird behaviour.

When inserting snippets, some are inserted with a double CR, But not all of them.

(does that make sense?)

i.e instead of this at end of paragraph, instead of one CR showing when snippet inserted at end of paragraph, two carriage returns shown

The actual snippet only has one CR.

Inserting as a canned response on a Google forum in which I help, if that makes any difference.

I am not sure I fully understand this.

Could you post screenshots of what you mean by double carriage returns?

You mention some snippets have this behavior while others don't. Could you send links to with an example of each (send the snippet url, it should look something like

Follow up.

ALL paragraph formatting is lost from any snippet when using the snippet to reply to a post in the Console of a Gmail help forum.

Lines just run on. Maybe Google are stripping the carriage returns? This is a deal breaker for me.

Anyway to overcome?


Just caught your earlier reply, thanks.

Samples will follow later today.


No point in follow up.

Google is doing this. Formatting is being stripped by Google when I post in a Google help forum. Nowhere else.

And we know that we have 2 changes of Google fixing - none, and none. Not important enough, which I understand.

Antway, thanks for the help.