Email script for client

Sub: Exciting Growth opportunity for CompanyName | You and your expertise

Hey there at CompanyName!

I'm the person behind (agency name/insta page/channel), where we've worked with multiple brands to help them grow on social media. We're lining up some cool content for this month and thought it'd be awesome to team up with you.

Imagine this: a super engaging Instagram Reel that walks our followers through how CompanyName can be a game-changer for them with clear, easy steps and highlighting all the perks you offer. It's all about creating something that's not just promotional but genuinely useful and interesting for our audience.

I'm excited about the possibility of showcasing what CompanyName has to offer and getting you more genuine & loyal audience in a meaningful way.

Check out some of our recent stuff here: [insert link]

What do you say? Keen to chat more about this?