Expansion Inside the TB Editor?

Did I miss it, or is there a way or a configuration setting that allows us to use TB inside the TB editor? I don't see anything in the community about generating snippet sippets. :wink:

You didn't miss anything, there's no way to do that :slight_smile:

Does the {import} command help in your use case? It might be an excess if you just want to expand a few words, but it's pretty useful when the expansion is large.

Yes - I'm using that for a few things now and it's very helpful.

There's a certain irony that TB cannot be used in TB. Any plans to support it in your product?

Also, I don't see a single mention in the community about the use of GitHub to version, manage, secure, or import snippets. Is it because user typically don't see their creations as "code"?

We support snippet version history in the Teams plan. Of course, it's not as sophisticated as commits in a version controlled repository :slight_smile:

There have been few requests in the past, but there's no plan yet, because it can cause unexpected confusion among new users.

Snippets (and Text Blaze) is optimized towards building reusable templates. At the core of this are snippets with plain text or styled text. The next climb up are form fields and key presses. The next climb is basic if/else and repeats logic. The most sophisticated usage is regex/math on variables/etc. As you would expect, most users are on the first two layers on this journey, because it's a steep climb at each step. So yes, most users wouldn't see their creation as "code".

Now from the engineering perspective: The snippets model is very different from code. I'm sure you already figured all of this out :slight_smile: But to reiterate for anyone else reading: Think JavaScript (so it can interact with site), but 1. much more forgiving in terms of errors 2. functional like Python 3. not imperative at all (every variable update refreshes the entire snippet) 4. recursion or even recursive assignment are not supported (we can probably tweak it to support point 4, though)

Your suggestion to synchronize snippet updates with GitHub is interesting. If you're really interested, you can probably implement this with a bookmarktlet and manually trigger an update to a private github gist via their api. We can get the editor plain text snippet contents in by using document.querySelector('.ql-editor').innerText. It's not ideal, though.

Yep, this looks like it's possible. And to be clear, GitHub is likely the last thing productivity seekers want to be bothered with. My interest is solely driven by enterprise compliance; some organizations insist on capturing all IP regardless of its form or function. At my company, for example, our insurance costs are gated by two business continuity risk factors; (i) recovery following a catastrophic event, and (ii) security compliance and certifications.

Indeed, and this was one of the big attractors for me when I was evaluating where to place my productivity bet. :wink: It's clear that a lot of careful thought went in the design of Text Blaze. Another GitHub (or advanced repository approach) intersects with the reusability topic that causes me to think about findability and access to components.

Imagine someone in an enterprise has created an ideal snippet that can serve as the basis for the development of a new snippet, but the author has not openly shared it to everyone in the organization because she simply doesn't know who may also need it or how relevant her solution is. There may be other reasons that open sharing of snippets do not occur in certain cases. And making snippets findable (shared or not) seems like a challenge because creators don't generally tag their works with keywords. Open AI might be able to help, and certainly a DB database of snippets could be very useful in this regard.

Today, it's difficult to imagine snippet findability challenges will occur because there are typically so few of them that a quick scan in a shared folder is all that's needed. At scale though, imaging an 80,000 worker enterprise with 10,000 snippets and more worrisome, 8,000 of which are not unique. :wink:

Does this give you exactly that which you'd want to capture and restore?

{snip={import: \\\\dar}}

This is an excellent user segmentation.Thanks for this!

As usual, love the comments and guidance - Happy Thanksgiving to the entire team! I think I'll mention Text Blaze at dinner this afternoon instead of politics. LOL!

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What you mention about GitHub, compliance and large corporations makes sense.

No, because if there are any {repeat} blocks in the imported snippet they will be processed (and lost) during the import. Another option would be to write an automation script to export snippet folders every day (accessible here)

Haha! Happy Thanksgiving to you too! :slight_smile:

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Are you sure?

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Ahh.. I didn't think of the right click menu :smile: Nice catch, you're right @Pratik_Shah :clap:

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I wish you keep that as it is :laughing:. Sometimes it helps to use TB inside of TB.