Facebook Page Changes 7/12/22

Facebook made major changes to pages this morning and the / doesn't work. Is there a fix?

Hi @Marsha_Kopan - thanks for flagging. We'll have a look and get back to you.

Meanwhile, could you please check whether the same snippets work in a different platform such as Gmail? I want to make sure we identify the problem properly.


here is one of mine Thank you! it is a / and txy. it works on posts and comments in fb, it also works when i send birthday greetings, it has stopped working in messenger. see attached. As soon as I / a pop up happens! I have no idea what that means. Screenshot 2022-07-13 12.14.15 AM|489x173

Hi @Marsha_Kopan , the popup you see is generated by Facebook, and it does not interfere with Text Blaze. Your shortcuts like /txy should still work normally. If they don't, try changing your shortcut to ;txy.

You can change your shortcut in the "Shortcut" box here: