Facebook Post - Snippet Not Working

I cannot get the snippet to work on a facebook post. The snippet works elsewhere. Does anyone know why?

Hi @user293 - welcome to the forum

Sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue. Could you please walk me through the steps you're taking, and what kind of results you're getting? By any chance, does the snippet contain an image?

Cedric, Does the snippet work on facebook when using images?

Hi @Joel_mVerticals

When Text Blaze inserts a snippet containing text and images, the action is the same as if you had copied that content to your computer clipboard and then pasted it.

Some platforms do not allow you to paste a combination of text and images simultaneously. For such platforms, you won't be able to achieve that with Text Blaze either.

So your saying that the snippets do not work on Facebook?

Hi @Joel_mVerticals

Text Blaze snippets work in Facebook, but if there's a restriction on Facebook's part as to how a mix of images and text are pasted into it, then you're going to have that same restriction with Text Blaze snippets containing a mix of images and text.