Filter or Highlight Duplicates in data Blaze

How to do filtering for Data Blaze and Highlight the Rows/ Delete it which are duplicated?

For Example

Row Name Email ID Mobile No:
Row 1 ABC +1566896
Row 2 xyz +123456
Row 3 sasa +1566896
Row 4 uvw +1456789

From the above table , Row 1 and Row 2 are duplicated with reference to Email ID/ Mobile Number. I need either

  1. To delete the Row 3 which is duplicated based on Email ID/ Mobile number
  2. Or else Row 3 should be highlighted based on Conditional formatting.

Is it possible ?? Anyone can help me out?

Hi Abina,

Here is an answer to a similar question:

Let us know if that helps

After finding the count from Snippet, How to delete the duplicate??

You would probably want to manually delete the rows in Data Blaze.

Text Blaze does have access to a {dbdelete} command that can be used to delete rows when the snippet is inserted. In the future we will be extending it to allow you to delete rows while the snippet is open allowing you to implement an in-snippet review and delete process.