Folder Missing from view


I've got a member of my team who doesn't appear to have access to a folder I've made them an owner of. It shows they should have access on my end, but they've sent me screenshots of their dashboard, and there is no notification for them to enable this folder, nor is it showing in their folders.

There's the thought that they might have more than one account, possibly set up in their early days with the org. Is there a way to find that out? I'm at a loss as to where to troubleshoot from here.

Hi Meg,
I responded over email. We're looking into this and will get back to you shortly.

Greatly appreciate the quick turn around!

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The issue has been fixed. You can try removing and adding the user back for the notification.
You can share the folder url to your team member to quickly share if you like to not remove and add.

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