Formatting Data Blaze Form Fields

Looking for a way to add a clickable hyperlink to a form in Data Blaze. I can add a field for a link for the user to put in, but I do not need that. I just need a simple line of text that gives the user a link to click. This will take them to another site where they are to do some work, and report their results on the DB form. Possible?

Sorry Brad, we currently don't support formatting like links in form descriptions. You can add a URL in the descriptions and the user can copy and paste it, but it won't be clickable.

We hope to add more formatting options in Data Blaze in the future.

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Thank you @scott! Is there a way to have just a text field for, say, an instruction? Apologies - I am just getting into using DB for sending out forms. :wink:

I guess you could if you really needed to, but it doesn't sound amazing.

Why can't you just your instructions and the description field at the top of the form? For example in the user survey we just sent out, we use that to thank people for their feedback:

Yeah for sure we can. However, there is great value in being able to communicate something to a user at various stages of form completion; something that is not simply a field to fill in. In my experiences, this minimizes the users need to pause filling out a form because they have to ask questions; questions that could have been prevented in the first place.

Speaking for myself & my Org, adopting this ability, I believe, will make Data Blaze Forms able to better compete with products we already have access to such as Formstack and MS Forms. Both of which have this ability.

That makes sense Brad. Thanks for the feedback, we'll put it on the list!

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