Formatting: Removing Brackets and Quotes

Hi Everyone, I have created a snippet using a google sheet import, and I have everything working the way I want, except the data is displayed between two brackets and quotes - how do I remove those?


{urlload:; done=(res) -> ["csv_data"=res]}
{chi=slice(split(replace(csv_data, "Chicago,", ""), "\n"), 2,2)}
We can have someone come as soon as {=chi}

Hi @Dano ,
The results (chi) is a list with one item.
What you're looking for is getting the first item, which can be done like this:
Please let me know if you have any questions.

@Dan_Barak1 That did it, thank you so much!

@Dan_Barak1 next question, I got this to work, but I still get the pop-up dialogue that I than have to choose "Insert" on - is there a way to by pass that so when I type the snippet in it automatically inserts everything without the pop up dialogue?

Hi @Dano , have a look at: