Formula Needed = default text IF x

I am looking for a formula that will insert the text "Internal Notes" only if something is entered into the form field.

Example at the end of an email advising customer of an RMA replacement I have this form field {formtext: name=Internal Notes} which as you will notice has no default value so that if I decide not to enter anything the field does not appear in the email.

My problem is that if I do enter something in the field, like a date or PO code "210314" for example I would like for it to display "Internal Notes: 210314" Stated a different way I want the formula to put in the words "Internal Notes:" leading what I enter, and not appear at all if I don't enter anything.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Something like this would work:

{if: `Internal Notes` <> ""}Internal Notes: {endif}{formtext: name=Internal Notes}

That's perfect. Thanks so much!