General time zone converter

Text Blaze is a remote company and we work across many time zones.
Time zone math can be complicated and error-prone.

I created this snippet that converts time from any time zone to any time zone.
You can add / edit time zones as well as your default time zone
Need to update for daylight savings changes

{note}Time to convert from:{formtext: name=time; default={time: h:00 A}} {formmenu: name=from_time_zone; values={=keys(time_zones)}}. Time zones to convert to: {formmenu: name=number; values=1,2,3,4,5}{="\n"}{endnote} {repeat: number; locals=zones; trim=left} {time: h:mm A; shift={=time_zones[{=to_time_zone}] - time_zones[{=from_time_zone}]}h; at={=time}; trim=left} {formmenu: name=to_time_zone; values={=keys(time_zones)}}{if:number>1}, {endif}{endrepeat}
{my_time_zone="Pacific Daylight Time"}
"Pacific Daylight Time"=-7,
"Mountain Daylight Time"=-6,
"Central Daylight Time"=-5,
"Eastern Daylight Time"=-4,
"London Time"=1,
"Paris Time"=2,
"Tel Aviv Time"=3,
"India Time"=5.5]; trim=yes}

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