Help coding pronouns in an if/then

Good afternoon,

When I use Text blaze to write my medical records I want to be able to select something at the top that has a drop down of [Masc, Fem, Plur/non-binary]. Once that is selected it will then autopopulate the correct pronouns in the text with the correct capitalization.

Masc- He, His, Him, he, his, him
Fem- She, Her, Hers, she, her, hers
Plur- They, Them, Their, they, them, their

I was able to do this in an old electronic medical record in this fashion. The record new the sex and then I would put in my canned comments the type of pronoun I want (bolded below) and the program knew which one to use based on the sex. I would love to do something similar in text blaze.

If I select masc, then text blade knows to use the masc pronoun out of those three options in the entire form. Aka it would know in all of these options to chose the second option. Is this something I can code for text blaze? I'm very new to this so if this is a silly question I apologize.

{{patient.pronoun}}: she, he, they

{{patient.Pronoun}}: She, He, They

{{patient.possPronoun}}: her, his, their

{{patient.PossPronoun}}: Her, His, Their

{{patient.objectPronoun}}: her, him, them

Hi Catherine, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Can you please try this one?

{formmenu: default=she; he; they; name=pronoun}{C_Pronoun="She"}{possPronoun="her"}{C_PossPronoun="Her"}{objectPronoun="her"}{if: pronoun = "he"}
{C_Pronoun="He"}{possPronoun="his"}{C_PossPronoun="His"}{objectPronoun="him"}{endif}{if: pronoun = "they"}{C_Pronoun="They"}{possPronoun="their"}{C_PossPronoun="Their"}{objectPronoun="them"}{endif}

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Hi Catherine,
I sense that this is a need some "list comprehension" techniques would greatly help and solve intuitively and for a variety of cases.

Considering your phrasing and the former tool you mentionned, it seems you're (at least intuitively/informally) familiar with lists.

Here you're basically faced with a with a 3x3 table of possibilties and need the machine to be able to pick the right one (right genderization AND right form) to input in your text:
In the following: column headers are gender while line are type of pronouns.
#; Femi; Masc; Nonb
Pron; she; he; they
Poss; her; his; their
Objp; her; him; them

Since it's a table, there is a number of ways to solve this and using DataBlaze is possible.
Hopefully, we can take care of the capitalization in the same move but I'll need you to provide an anonymized example of what the final text would look like, pls.

If example is long, ten line of it would be enough to illustrate.

Also is this a medical record you write by hand and THEN need your app/TextBlaze to rewrite with the right pronouns or use the right pronouns when it generate comments BASED on that medical record ??

Or do you have a standard text-templates (or several), and wish for TextBlaze to generate them with proper gender in order to write those very medical record ?

Pls let me know,