How can we change the default "/" symbol?

Is there any option to change the default '/' symbol, because sometimes it gets weird with the discord slash commands which also uses the '/' symbol ?

Hi @Datablaze_0 Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Using / is not required. You can use any shortcut character you wish to like # ! . , ? etc., or you can skip using any symbols and directly use abbreviations like brb .

sorry , i don't get it when i use #,!,? , it works only if i use '/'.
How to change that delimiter '/' to any desired delimiter in the settings or somewhere ?

Can you share a screenshot of your Text Blaze Dashboard when you try a symbol other than '/'?

We don't have dedicated setting for this, our snippet shortcut's can contain any characters.


see it does not work with #

From your screenshot, it seems you need to change the /test here under the "Shortcut" heading:


Make it #test, and then it should work fine. Let me know if it works for you.

ohh thanks!
i got it !
btw a small suggestion : when we create new snippet it stays '/' by default , so it would be good to add a small pop up there for new incomers indicating that they can change it.

Well thank you for your support !

Glad to know it worked. Thanks for your suggestion, we'll look into it.

you are welcome!

[Ping me when the suggestion is implemented :melting_face::grin:, i would love to see it !!]