How many devices can I have linked to my account?

I want to know how many devices I should and can link to my account without any problems?

Hi @Forowebmasters_Sopor
Welcome to Text Blaze community.
There is no limit to number of devices you can use with your account. Please let me know if you are seeing any issues.


I don't have any problem, but I would like to be able to share with my small team (me and 2 people) the extension and answers.

I don't have money for the premium, but for sure I will have it when my company grows, meanwhile I wanted to know if it was possible to share free

Text Blaze account is designed for an individual person. It works great when each person have their own account. But we didn't deliberately added any restriction to use same account by multiple people. Keep us posted if you see any issues.


Thank you very much for being so considerate, excellent people!