How to create a form input that does not return values

Right now. If you try to make an equation based on two text inputs, the values in the text input is added before the equation results. There has to be a way to use the inputs for the equations and their values does not show up.

For example:
a form input has the number of apples and another the price then an equation to calculate the total cost. I need to be able to use the form inputs to enter the data and the command only gets the result.

There are a couple ways to do this. The two best ones are probably these two approaches:

Using the {note} Command

{note} defines a portion of your snippet that will not be used in the display. When inserted, the following snippet won't include the contents of the {note} block.

X: {formtext: name=x; default=2}
Y: {formtext: name=y; default=3}

x * y = {=x*y}

Learn more about {note} here:

Using a formatter Function

All the form inputs support a formatter function that takes the input and formats it for output. You can define a formatter function the returns a blank string to remove the form input in the output.

{formtext: name=x; default=2; formatter=(v) -> ""}
{formtext: name=y; default=3; formatter=(v) -> ""}

x * y = {=x*y}

You can learn more about defining functions here:

Removing Whitespace

You may want you to use the trim attribute to remove whitespace around the inputs or the {endnote} block.

Thank you, this is very ice way to do it. I think this should go in the documentation for the forms fields.