How to expand Snippet form within text and not in modal/dialogs

How to expand Snippet form within text area and not in modal form/dialogs
I need the Snippet form to expand in the text area and not in a dialogs/modal.

Hi @Ahmed_Sadek and welcome to the forum.

Could you please give me a practical example of what you're trying to achieve? I'm afraid I'm not understanding the question.

Lets assume that I have created a new snippet for customer email with a customer name in formtext. with a shortcut /new
when I type /new in the text area, a dialog box appear to populate the formtext (i.e. customer number)
I need the same behavior, but instead of a dialog box, I need the formtext to appear in text area where I was editing.

If I understand you correctly, then no, it's not possible. Text Blaze gives you a popup that you need to fill in, and then inserts everything.

However, if you're talking about having an online form that you want to fill in (for instance, as you would have in a CRM), then you can use Text Blaze automation to navigate those fields in the same way that you would with the tab key on your keyboard.

Here's a video about that: