How to mix text strings with form commands

I have the following message in a snippet:

Please be advised that {formmenu: tomorrow,; default=on} {formtext: name=date; default={time: MMMM Do; shift=+1D}} at {formtext: name=downtime; default=02:00 UTC} , the game and all its related services (website, forum, help site, wiki etc) will be unavailable due to routine maintenance. The downtime is expected to last {formtext: name=downduration; default=30 minutes} . We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Now, I want to attribute that message to a value, so that I can reuse it multiple times in the same snippet in this way

{message="This is the message"}


The issue is that the message contains formtext and formmenu commands, and they are not rendering properly.

I've tried putting that message in a snippet and importing the snippet inside the argument, but again fail. And I've tried using concat, but also to no avail.

Can anyone help please?

You can't place form commands within an attribute.

The way could handle this would be something like the following where you separate the form elements from the string creation:

Down duration: {formtext: name=down; default=abc}
{message="The downtime is expected to be " & down & "."}
Use 1: {=message}
Use 2: {=message}

Ah! I did try that but I used the wrong syntax! Now it all makes sense. Thanks again :smile: