How to set character limit and fill the rest with whitespaces

I want to set a character limit for an input and the spaces that aren't filled I want to automatically fill with whitespaces.
For example, setting the length of an entry to 20 characters and if you only filled in up to 10, the other 10 add whitespaces.

Hey @Filipe_Soares_Luz Welcome to the Forum. Hope you are having a great day.

Here is a possible solution of the issue you are referring. I know that maybe there are another ways but I think that this can help

Input={formtext: name=input; cols=20} (please insert less than 20 characters)
{if: catch(len(input) > 20, yes)}{error: The input is longer than 20!; block=yes}{endif}

{if: len(input) <= 20}Here is your input: "{=input}{repeat: 20-len(input)} {endrepeat}"{else}Input with more than 20 characters{endif}

Please let me know how it goes. :grimacing: :hugs: