I accidentally deleted my Pro account

I’m really enjoying using Text Blaze so far; it’s proven to be an incredibly helpful tool for my role as a Community Manager and in Customer Service.

Regrettably, I encountered an issue where I accidentally deleted my Pro Account, which I had just purchased on August 8th. The situation arose when I intended to invite additional members to my team. Upon realizing that each new member incurred an extra charge in my billing, I decided to revert from Business to Pro. Consequently, I removed the ‘My Organization’ and reverted to the Basic Plan.

I’m writing to kindly request your assistance in restoring my Pro account. I’ve only been using it for a brief day and a half, and I would appreciate any help in resolving this matter promptly.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I’m hopeful that you can help me regain access to my Pro account.

Hi Lorena,

Welcome to our community :fire:

I responded via email.

Thank you so much!