Important tip - Keeping things simple

Yesterday, I had a meeting with one of our users.

The main insight I got from this meeting is that we (myself included) tend to discover a command and then try to ram it into every snippet workflow, overcomplicating it.

In this user's case, they were using the key command to automatically navigate and fill a form, click a button that would open a side bar, and then keep filling in the fields there.

The problem is that the sidebar will occasionally ask to log in, so they wanted a condition whereby TB would change behavior based on the sidebar.

The simpler option I suggested was to have two snippets instead. Snippet 1 fills the first form and clicks the button. Then, once the sidebar opens, they can log in (if required) and use the second snippet to fill in the sidebar form.

This is a common scenario and I see it a lot with both new and seasoned users. I even find myself making the same mistake.

Always try to find the simplest solution. Don't try to force a workflow. The goal is to save time.