Insertion Context

I can't figure out what do to with this set of options, well maybe just the clipboard content. If I'm entering in Roam and I want to load a page link I'd like to click on the page... execute a textblaze command and have it put text on the clipboard so I can go back to Roam and past it in. The currently have a +Roam extension that does this though it's a bit verbose... like

____ — via Webinar and Digital Event Schedule | TechSmith [[+Roam]]

So could there be a sequence of commands that format things from a web page and sticks them on the clipboard? Or did I miss a left turn at Albuquerque?

Hi Gene,

This request comes up occasionally and for the moment there isn't a great way to do what you want.

Text Blaze doesn't have any way to set the clipboard contents so this flow doesn't work currently.