Is it possible to insert a future date based on the week day

This didn't work for me. The example in your post, as currently displayed, is:
{time: LL; shift=7D(skip=SAT, SUN)}

I tried the following:
{time: MMMM Do, YYYY; shift=1D(skip=SAT, SUN)}
and got this result:
[Error - Invalid time shift "1D(skip=SAT, SUN)"; the proper form is "[length][unit]" like "2s" or "1Y".]

@zahid1, reload this page once or twice to make sure you get the updated forum code.

Oops sorry, that worked. User error!

Just a quick update on this. This feature has launched and is now usable!


Thank you very much for this!
It is an awesome feature saving a lot of time for me.