Issues with Pro version

Hey guys.

New user here. I recently purchased the Pro version. But there is an issue. In the pop-up window, I can only see my 10 folders, but now I have the 12 in total created. I can see them all in my dashboard, but not in pop-up window. Any suggestions?

I checked that in the Pro version you can have up to 20 folders.

I'm working with Chrome in Incognito mode. Tried to start fresh Chrome window, didn't work.

Please help.

Hi, and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

The assistant popup window provides a quick unstructured way to search through your snippets. All your snippets should be there but they won't be structured into explicit groups in that interface.

You can search for a specific snippet. If you find a snippet is actually completely missing in that list even when you search for it, let us know the shortcut for it and we can look into it.

That doesn't help me.

But all other snippets are correctly grouped into their folders and displayed correctly in the pop-up window. Except two folders which are missing from the list completely.

I think is just a software bug.

It doesn't even show the new folders I created just recently. Just 10 folders are visible in the pop-up window list. Does it impact by the fact that I upgraded from the basic version?

I need this to be fixed, otherwise, I will be asking for a refund.

Here's the screenshot for visualisation of my issue

Hi Luke, Thanks for the image, that is helpful.

That picture is cut off after 10 folders, is it possible the extra folders are just scrolled off the screen? We've tested it on our end and we see all 13 folders there when we test your account.

If not, try clicking the "Reload extension" option in that menu which will trigger a re-sync of your snippets and should fix the issue.

Unfortunately, it didn't work. Here is screenshot of the full screen. I would really like to avoid quitting this program because it's huge help for me.

To confirm, that's what you see after Reloading Extension is that correct?

Does typing the shortcut from one of the missing folders trigger a snippet?

I think it might good to do a quick video call to dig into this. I have your email so will email you know to try to schedule something.



Better a screenshare without talking