January Development Update

:tada: Happy new year!

In the September Update we introduced the smart command suggestion bar. As a reminder, this bar provides contextual information about the command you are currently editing.

In the screenshot below, we are editing a {formtext} command with a name attribute. The suggestion bar right below the edit area shows that we have a name attribute set and that we can also add a default attribute. We could also click the "..." button to see all available attributes we can add to the {formtext} command.

:memo: New Attribute Quick Editors

In December, we extended the suggestion bar with quick editors for many types of attributes.

For example, if we add a yes/no attribute, we get a quick editor with a toggle we can use to quickly switch between yes and no:


Similarly, if you select an attribute that has multiple options, you get a quick editor with a menu of the available options. Here is an example for the trim attribute:


We even added a quick editor for the shift attribute of the {time} command that makes it easy to configure how long to move forward or backwards in time:


Not all attributes have quick editors. For things that are just text like the name attribute, there is not much point to having a dedicated editor. But where they exist, the editors are a great way to quickly edit an attribute.

:heavy_division_sign: Formula Editing

One other powerful feature of the suggestion bar we wanted to highlight is the assistance it gives you writing formulas. Text Blaze formulas, like in Excel, let you add dynamic calculations to your snippet. For example you could calculate tax in an order form, or add a greeting that says "Good morning" when the snippet is used before noon, and "Good afternoon" in the afternoon and evening.

When you are editing a formula, the suggestion bar gives you quick access to all the form values available to use in your formula. Even better, as seen below, it gives you quick access to all the functions you can use in your formulas.

As Always...

If you have any questions feel free to post to our Question and Answer community forums. If you have anything you would love to see in Text Blaze, please suggest it in the Features Idea section.