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Reason for Consultation: The patient presents for a consultation for combined ortho-surgical treatment.

Referring Professional: Dr.
Length of Orthodontic Treatment: 1 year

PMH: Healthy
Medications: None
Allergies: NKDA
Habits: non-smoker, occasional alcohol, no illicit drug use.

Head and Neck: No cervical or facial swelling or masses
Intra-Oral: The oral mucosa is intact with no ulcers, masses, leukoplakia or erythroplakia.
OJ: mm
OB: mm
Crowding: None

Angle Classification
Right Canine:I
Right Molar: II
Left Canine: II
Left Molar: II

Frontal Analysis
Facial type: Mesocephalic
Maxillary cant: No
Mandibular angle symmetry: Symmetric
Orbital dystopia: No
Scleral show: No
Alar base width: Normal

Type: Straight
Malar Projection: Adequate
Nasal tip: Normal
Nasolabial angle: Normal
Lips: Proportional
Labiomental angle: Normal
Chin-neck length:
Chin: Well proportioned
Mentalis Strain: No

Midlines(relative to midfacial)
Nose: 0 mm
UDML: 0 mm
LDML: 0 mm
Chin: 0 mm

Upper Incisor Show at Rest: mm
Upper Incisor Show on Smile: mm
Gingival Show on Smile: mm
Facial Thirds: equal

MIO: mm
Opening path: No deviation or deflection
No clicking or crepitation

Based on clinical and radiographic history and examination, all maxillary and mandibular growth has been completed.

Maximal incisal opening MIO: >40 mm
Thyromental distance: Greater than 3 fingers
Neck range of motion: Within normal limits
Mallampati: Class II

Panorex: Reviewed

Forrest Gump is an ASA I patient, with a Class II skeletal and dental malocclusion. The deformity is secondary to . Given the nature of the deformity, they would benefit from combined ortho-surgical treatment.


I have discussed with the patient the basic nature of combined orthodontic-surgical intervention for the correction of dentofacial deformities. Dolphin Aquarium software was utilized to demonstrate the orthognathic surgical techniques. I have discussed the perioperative course, recovery period and risks associated with surgery including but not exclusively neurosensory changes, infection, hardware removal, need for revision surgery, and relapse.
Thank you for allowing us to participate in the care of your patient. I would be happy to discuss the case further should you have any questions or concerns.

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Just to update this thread: we are communicating via email for this issue. Once it's resolved, we can share a solution on this post as well.

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Sorry to prod, I am also experiencing this issue when using snippets in some applications, is there an update on this yet?

Hi @chriss , there is no update on this yet. Your issue might be different from Jordan's issue. I would suggest mailing me at so we can take a closer look at your issue.

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